Libertas International University is the oldest private university in Croatia. The university developed from the Libertas Business School in Zagreb and the DIU Libertas International University in Zagreb and Dubrovnik as two higher education institutions that in 2016 grew into the current university institution. Libertas International University today consists of four faculties and a Business School.

Classes at Libertas International University are held in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Kutina, with classes in Dubrovnik in English and in other locations in Croatian.

Full-time and part-time students have the opportunity to choose between 9 undergraduate, 6 graduate, 1 postgraduate specialist and 1 doctoral studies. At Libertas, therefore, there is the possibility of studying from undergraduate to doctoral level of education, which is not offered by any other private higher education institution in Croatia. So far, thousands of students from Croatia and 30 countries from all continents have taken advantage of this opportunity.

At Libertas, classes are conducted in small groups and knowledge is acquired through an active approach to current relevant topics. Students are equal participants in the educational process, not passive observers who reproduce other people's knowledge and insights. The emphasis is on teamwork, but at the same time special attention is paid to the individual approach to each student, his intellectual needs and affinities.

The greatest strengths of Libertas are the top professors who possess outstanding academic and professional experience. Libertas' community of renowned international scholars includes professors who have taught and teach at Harvard University, Princeton University, Georgetown, London School of Economics, Sorbonne University, New York University, University of Virginia Law School, and many other leading educational institutions in Europe, USA and elsewhere in the world, and also represent a group of current and former ambassadors, ministers, economic experts, executive directors, experts in international law, generals, directors of cultural institutions, representatives of the United Nations, OSCE, IMF and other reputable international institutions.

Due to its commitment and outstanding selection of teaching staff, and the adoption of the most modern teaching methods, the university educates professionals who are ready to take on leading roles in diplomacy, business, tourism and hospitality, theater, health, sports management and business security.

Many of Libertas' former students already hold important positions in business, diplomacy, banking, politics, sports management, tourism and elsewhere in Croatia and abroad. Of the thousands of graduates so far, 95% have found employment and are building successful business careers.

Dean's Message


 Please find the list of required application materials to enroll:

-High school transcripts and diploma (original or a certified copy) *needs to be recognized in the authorized agency in Croatia:

-Birth certificate (original or a certified copy)

-Copy of passport or an ID card (if European)

- Photo for a student transcript book (4×6 cm)

-Photo for the Register of Students (4×3 cm)

-Certification of payment of a non-refundable enrollment fee 

- Fulfill the application form 


There are two options: the university dormitory and private accommodation. Below you can find information on both types of accommodation.

University Dormitory

All the rooms are double bedded, except the rooms for persons with disabilities, so there would be two students in the room. Students are divided into the rooms according to gender and the University they are attending. Every room has a private bathroom.  Price is 1.550,00 kuna per person per month (cca 205 euros).  The price includes all the utilities (water, electricity, heating, and cooling) and access to the Internet.

Necessary documentation – students must bring a certificate that they are studying at a higher education institution in Dubrovnik (the University provides that), a certificate of residence (the easiest thing to do is to copy the passport), and a certificate from the doctor that they have no contraindications for dormitory accommodation.

When moving in, students sign an accommodation agreement with the Student Center, which regulates mutual rights and obligations and agrees with the conditions of accommodation in the student dormitory.

On the premises of the dormitory, there is also a student restaurant which offers daily meals. Price varies depending on the method of payment: with a student card, the price of daily lunch offer is 7 kunas (cca 0.90 euros) and without the student card it amounts to 23 kunas (cca 3 euros). 

Private Accomodation

There is also a possibility of private accommodation, which offers various possibilities - houses and apartments with private rooms: varying from 2 to 5 and more bedrooms. 

Regarding the documentation – in this case, all you will need to provide your passport, the rest of the documentation is the responsibility of the accommodation owner.

Price for each bedroom, according to last year’s price list, is 350 euros per person. This price includes the accommodation, all the utilities and access to the internet.

Health Insurance

EU citizens: are using the European Health Insurance Card.

Citizens of all other countries: are obliged to obtain Croatian health insurance upon arrival in Croatia. Aproximate monthly contribution to health insurance is 450kn.