Caucasus International University

26 years have passed since Caucasus International University (CIU) – LLC was founded. The University operates as a Legal Entity of Private Law - a limited liability company. The university was founded as a medical institute “Clinitsist” in 1995. The university received a license from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Georgia in the same year. In 2005 it was granted Accreditation by Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution. In 2006, the name and founders of the institute “Clinitsist” were changed and it was formed as a multi-profile higher education institution – Caucasus International University – LLC.

Dean's Message

Nino Sikharulidze

Why choose Caucasus International University??

-Caucasus International University was founded in Tbilisi in 2004 and is currently on track to become one of the leading medical universities in Europe.
-Both the quality of the professors and the number of students attending the university continues to increase every year.
-The teaching methods and programmes are regularly updated to ensure they are in line with European requirements.
-The university is home to wonderfully modern laboratories with all the required equipment to learn about the world of medicine.
-The university also has partnerships with highly regarded universities such as Georgia State University in the United States and Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France.


If you want to take Admission to Caucasus International University in Georgia, you must qualify for the National Eligibility Entrance Exam (NEET). One must keep in mind that you only have to be eligible for the exam. Here are the valuable resources for NEET Exam that helps you boost preparing NEET exam.



Georgia has a relatively low cost of living. Therefore, students can enjoy European lifestyle and high standard of living without breaking the bank. Food, clothing and other basic amenities are cheap in Georgia. The Minimum cost of accommodation in Georgian cities is $200 per month.

For students who wish to live alone, we recommend the student to budget $250 to $300 per month to rent a very conducive modern flat near their university Students who opt to live in shared flats or hostels can spend as low as $150 per month. Also, the utility costs (Internet, gas, water cleaning and electricity bills) in Georgia is very low.

The life experience in Georgia is one of the main reasons students study abroad in Georgia. It has very conducive weather and beautiful natural landscapes which are ecological home to many rare animals in Europe. The natural features, large stretch of Caucasus Mountains, forests and rivers present in Georgia makes it a fantastic destination for students to study and explore.