Algebra University College has been established in 2008 as a private not for profit educational institution and soon after became recognized as a part of the official higher education system of the Republic of Croatia. The founder of the Algebra University College is the Algebra Education Group, the largest national provider of adult and lifelong learning. Algebra University College is ranked 1st in Republic of Croatia in respect to overall quality of the programs and institution according to the National Agency for Science and Higher Education for Quality Assurance System and is the best education organization in the world among 3,200 organizations as evaluated by Microsoft in 2014. Algebra is a cofounder of the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) recognized as the winner of 2020 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year. We are also proud of being the only institution in Croatia that has met the quality requirements of the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVA. Apart from that, MIT chose Croatia and Algebra and we are proud to be co-organizing the first European MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship BootCamp in Croatia 2020, that is postponed for 2021 due to the pandemics.
We are situated in a historical university campus of the CUC in Zagreb city center, located on the main street (Ilica) connecting central city square and Zagreb’s west residential and business areas. We are well connected to other parts of the city with a few tram lines and have a public garage and parking lot within the campus for students / teachers /visitors. But, we are building a new campus, quite close to the current location.
So, all of our Master study programs are fully in English. The courses start in the end of September or beginning of October, but depending on the previous knowledge of candidates, some of them might have to take a few preparation courses, for instance, we have online preparation courses for the Data Science study program. We determine that during the admission process after we receive all the documents and arrange an online interview with the student. I’m sending you our admission procedures so you can learn more about each step. All programs last for 2 years and the annual tuition fee is around 5500-5850 EUR. The MBA study program is a bit more expensive, around 20.000 EUR for the entire 2-year program.
We also offer Bachelor programs in English. All of them are 3-year programs and the annual tuition is around 5500-5850 EUR.
We help students find the appropriate accommodation, and we cooperate with theHome in Zagreb agency that provides student accommodation in apartments in Zagreb, since it’s hard for international students to get a room in a public dormitory.
To get admitted to our University (or any other Croatian University), first the students have to get their academic records recognized in Croatia. The good thing about admission on master level programs is the fact that we have our own Academic Recognition Committee, and together with the Agency for Science and Higher Education in Croatia, we help students get their bachelor level study programs recognized to be able to enroll our master programs. As far as high school recognition procedure is concerned, it depends on the type of high school education students finished. We assist in this case as well, and also provide translations of documents into Croatian language. We like to consider our office as a one-stop-shop for students.

Dean's Message

Why choose Algebra University?

We believe that you have recognized three of ours specific features worth considering when deciding on your career and when choosing institution in which you will build it.

First of all, our students acquire knowledge necessary for fast growing industries based on digital technologies. This gives them a strong tailwind and enables them to choose a career for which the demand will increase significantly in the future. Even though there are still jobs and careers in the “old” economy, we are convinced that the path towards the digital era and the “new” economy is the right path that will, in the long term, provide students with a platform for personal development and high employability. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the fact that 96 % of our students start working within three months after graduation.

Our second competitive advantage is constant monitoring of technological developments as well as the real needs of employers, which results in academic program improvements. Recognizing the advancements in education worldwide, we were the first institution to apply modern qualification framework approach in design of our programs and have developed the implementation methodology for it. It is precisely this methodology that became a part of the official guidelines which will be applied during the following years by other institutions in accordance with the more diverse needs of employers and technological developments.

Finally, our third specific feature is the orientation towards true quality demonstrated by the assessment of our quality assurance system by the Agency for Science and Higher Education. We proudly point out that in 2014 we were named the best Microsoft learning partner in the world.

Join Algebra and help us create digital future!


Applications for international students applying to Algebra University College are submitted by filling out the application form on this website.

Following global trends in higher education, we have established the International Office with the aim of introducing the many advantages of studying in Croatia to future students. The staff at the International Office will be happy to help prospective students from the moment they start thinking about studying at Algebra. The International Office will serve them as the main point of information and support throughout the entire enrollment process. All students will be in contact with the International Office until the start of the academic year. After that, all further support will be taken over by the Student Office.

Students who need a Visa should submit the following documents to the nearest Croatian Embassy:
-Visa application -
-35x45 mm color photo
-evidence of travel insurance for min 30 days up to the amount of 30.000 EUR
 -Proof of accommodation
-Invitation letter from the University (we send it after students finish the admission and make payment of the 70% of the first annual tuition)
-proof of means of subsistence to cover the stay in Croatia (around 2000 EUR annually)
- booked plane ticket
Similar documents are required for the temporary residence permit, but instead of travel insurance, students have to prove they have health insurance. Croatian Health Insurance is rather expensive, 840 EUR annually, but Swiss Care offers insurance for international students that most of our students find satisfactory. Students choose which insurance they find best. We learned that during the pandemic caused by coronavirus, students prefer to consider the Croatian Health Insurance.



Subsidized food is available in public student restaurants, where 3 meals per day food plan allow for good quality and quantity food plan for approximately 100 to 170 EUR / month.

Similarly, public student dormitory accommodation in newly refurbished, good quality rooms for 2-3 students would cost each student around 100 EUR per month. In following years, we will have such dormitory in our campus, while now we use few well maintained public dormitories in relative vicinity of our campus (3-5 km). Also, if the student wish to stay in a private accommodation, we assist them to find private accommodation as we closely cooperate with Home In Zagreb agency, but we could also provide helpful links to other rental agencies that offer long and short term apartment rental. If the students want to stay in a hostel, we could recommend modern & urban designed hostels, located in the heart of Zagreb which would cost them around 250-500€/three weeks, depending on the season. The international students who already attended our courses recommend and services.

Although prices of private accommodation in Zagreb may vary depending of the city area, size and amenities that apartments include, the University College would be happy to assist you in finding accommodation.